Enviro – Carbon Offsetting

Choose your monthly plan

Start making an impact today by offsetting your carbon footprint

Offset 1

  • Offsets the average carbon footprint of one individual
  • 12 Trees planted every month
  • 1 Footprint offset every month*

Offset 2

  • The plan for a couple or an individual that travels more than average
  • 24 Trees planted every month
  • 2 Footprints offset every month*

Offset 3

  • For those that travel a lot or wish to make a bigger impact
  • 48 Trees planted every month
  • 4 Footprints offset every month*
*  1 footprint = 10.6 tonnes of CO2

The average carbon footprint of a European Citizen is approximately 10.6T CO2e. The Enviro subscription will offset this footprint by funding climate projects.


Enviro have used data from the World Bank and the European Union reports to identify the average greenhouse emissions per person.

* 1 footprint = 10.6 tonnes of CO2

Based on your location, your region Ireland falls in to the high emissions category. The average carbon footprint of a resident of your country is 10.6T CO2e and an Enviro subscription will more than offset this by funding climate action.

To calculate this footprint, Enviro combines multiple data sets: 

  1. Data from the World Bank which reports CO2 and other greenhouse emissions that occur in your country.

  2. Data from the Global Carbon Project which reports emissions embedded in imports from overseas. We combine these imported emissions with the country of residence emissions.

  3. An additional 15% to ensure this each member is becoming climate positive by offsetting more than their footprint.