Enviro – Carbon Offsetting

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Remove your car’s CO2 emissions

The Enviro car badge will offset your emissions against verified CO2 reduction projects

Three simple steps to get your badge


Click on “Get my car badge”


Choose your vehicle type & duration of offsetting


Checkout & offset your emissions

Why do I need a badge?

We all rely on our cars a lot in our lives which makes it difficult to reduce our car consumption.

As we know our cars emit a lot of CO2 every year, which is causing huge damage to our environment.

The Enviro car badge offers you an easy solution to keep your car and still contribute to the environment without having to change your lifestyle.

How we offset your emissions:

Enviro will erase your car’s CO2 emissions by supporting emissions reductions projects, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Getting the car badge enables you to eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere, the CO2 amount depends on your car type.

Conventional vehicle (Petrol & Diesel), you erase at least 6 metric tonnes per year.

Fully electric vehicle, you erase at least 3 metric tonnes of CO2 per year.

How we calculate your emissions:

Our calculations are based on the highest emitting cars and for peace of mind we add an additional 25% more emissions, this means we will be reducing more CO2 than your vehicle will emit.

Our approach means you don’t need to worry about emission calculations or engine size.

We support the best in climate action

We have partnered with the highest standard organisations to ensure every cent of climate and development funding goes as far as it can.

Global climate projects we support

Reforesting Madagascar's Mangroves

Devastatingly in the last 50 years, 90% of Madagascar rainforest has been deforested. 
When you sign up you’ll be planting trees here and reviving the rainforest.
Visit our projects section to get a detailed view of all our projects.