Enviro – Carbon Offsetting

Our mission

Enable society to solve global climate change

Our planet is in danger and needs our help. Enviro is the catalyst for change, enabling tree planting, funding global climate projects, and reducing global carbon footprints.

Why Enviro was created

Our planet is going through unprecedented times which brings significant challenges for all of humanity. Our natural environment is in real danger due to persistent climate change.

Enviro was created to enable change by allowing society to do its part in the global climate battle in a transparent and impactful way. Reducing our carbon footprint is a giant step forward to slowing down climate change.

As a collective we have the potential to drive real changes, let us all work together to make a real impact for the future of humanity.

Now is the time for action.

How much of your money goes to climate projects?

Our success is measured in the impact that we make on the environment. This approach can be seen in how we spend your money.

We commit that 85% of your money will go directly to funding global climate projects. Included with project costs are any incurred transaction fees carried out on your behalf.

With the remaining 15% we will cover everything else including a budget to attract new subscribers, our staff costs and the hosting and licenses.


Transparency is a key value of Enviro. We want to ensure we make your money make the greatest impact possible. For us its paramount that you see how we use your money.

We will publish our financial reports on this site every quarter so everyone can see that we are delivering on our word.

Feel empowered, challenged, and inspired. Join us on this important climate crisis movement.